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Brief review

BMP2Cnc (terrible name, good product) reads files in bitmap format. Users seeking a great modeling tool will enjoy what this program has to offer. BMP2Cnc comes with a clearly defined interface that’s nicely laid out and not at all bloated. Simple menus reveal clearly labeled actions and playing around with this tool proves to be easy to do.


First time users will have to spend some time investigating and dissecting all of the available features and options that BMP2Cnc offers. There are some Help files and a few bits of instruction on the MR Soft (developer) website. Otherwise, using this program is really just a matter of trial and error.

Main Function

BMP2Cnc (as mentioned) reads files in bitmap format, which makes it simpler for graphics designers to analyze an image. The program itself installs without an issue, doesn’t include any unwanted installation bits and uninstalls just as simply as it installs. BMP2Cnc does what it was developed to do with ease, and it’s a great option to choose if you are seeking a program of this sort.

Extra Features

The most recent version of BMP2Cnc includes a “Shading Resolution” option that will allow users to control and play around with shading while reducing video memory demands.


The $48 price tag that comes with this program might seem high, but it’s actually a decent price for a tool of this caliber. The free trial version of BMP2Cnc that is available is limited, so keep this in mind.

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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